Dyno Tuning

01Dyno Testing & Tuning Services

At The Iron Garage we specialize in dyno performance testing and tuning. Our DYNOJET 424xLC2 with Linx System mechanically links drums to eliminate potential speed differentials between dyno rollers. It features 2 x 24" knurled, precision balanced drums, Eddy Current Load Absorption Units, and measures up to 2000 HP. It can accomodate 2WD and AWD vehicles with wheelbases from 98" to 140".

02Dyno Pulls

Horsepower pulls include vehicle setup, configuration, and 3 pulls on the dyno up to 1 hour.

  • 2WD Horsepower Pulls $200
  • AWD/4WD Horsepower Pulls $300
  • Wideband included in horsepower pulls data logging extra
  • Additional time at $125 / hr
  • Carburetor tuning on dyno starting at $200
  • Daily rates available
  • Group rates available

03Custom Dyno Tuning

Our team also offer custom engine and transmission dyno performance tuning.

  • HP Tuners
  • EFI Live
  • SET Tuning
  • SCT
  • Holley
  • F.A.S.T
  • Fueltech
  • Bigstuff3
  • Inquire for others that may not be listed
  • Tuning rates for GM/Dodge/Ford starting at $800 + licencing if and when required
  • Standalone tuning starting at $200/hr

Newer vehicles may require ECM to be unlocked before tuning please inquire. Trans tuning available, please inquire about specific needs and wants.

04Dyno Tuning Showcase

View our Youtube Channel to watch all our featured dyno videos.

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